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That Post-Grad Feeling

What a year it has been. I lay on my friend’s bed after a long week and think back on everything that has happened this year and the only words I can think to write are “what a year it has been”. What a year indeed. And while it’s easy to sit here and commemorate the incredible year I must also consider the question that has has me stumped for the past couple months. “What’s next, Mitch?”

College is over and I am officially on an indefinite sabbatical from my educational studies. I can’t say that I’m done with college forever but it will be a while before I pursue another degree. I think I’d like to spread my wings and see what I can do before I put my head back in a book.

I just finished working as a photographer at the Nashville Film Festival and the experience was amazing. I got the chance to meet and hear stories from some of the most interesting and amazing people. The whole thing has me excited to get back to work on all of the creative projects I have been putting off. For now, I don’t know what the future holds but I’m excited to get back to telling stories in whatever way I can. Something tells me one of those stories is closer than I think.

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